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Ozkan honored with American Chemical Society symposium

Ozkan receives the Storch Award from Energy and Fuels Division Chair Michael ReynoldsOzkan receives the Storch Award from Energy and Fuels Division Chair Michael Reynolds.Umit Ozkan was honored by a special two-day award symposium in recognition of the 2017 Storch Award she received from the ACS Energy and Fuels Division earlier this year. 

Ozkan, recognized internationally as a pioneer and trailblazer in the field of catalysis, hydrocarbon fuels and other areas, was the first woman in the history of the Storch Award to receive it. 

The symposium honoring Ozkan was part of the 254th American Chemical Society National Meeting held in Washington DC on August 20-21. It was organized by two Ohio State CBE alumni: Elizabeth Biddinger ('10 PhD, Ozkan Group), a chemical engineering professor at City College of New York, and Professor Nick Brunelli, a chemical engineering professor at Ohio State who is also an Ohio State CBE alumnus ('04 BS).

The symposium featured 28 invited speakers from 18 different universities, six national laboratories, three companies, and included seven of Professor Ozkan's former PhD students.

Professor Ozkan (center), with seven of her former PhD students who spoke at the two-day ACS Symposium held in her honor, August 2017.L-R: John Kuhn, Elizabeth Biddinger, Rick Watson, Umit Ozkan, Matt Yung, Elisa Leyva Ramos, Sittichai Natesakhawat, Edgar Moctezuma

Members of Ozkan's "extended family" (pictured above) who spoke included John Kuhn, '07 PhD, now a professor at the University of South Florida; Rick Watson, '02 PhD, LyondellBasell; Matt Yung, '07 PhD, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Sittichai Natesakhawat, '05 PhD, '07 PhD, National Energy Technology Laboratory; Edgar Moctezuma, '92 PhD and spouse Elisa Leyva Ramos, '92 PhD (in Chemistry), both professors at the University of San Luis Potosi; and Elizabeth Biddinger,'10 PhD, now a professor at City College of New York. In addition, Hua Song, '09 PhD (not pictured), now a professor at the University of Calgary, also spoke.

Speakers discussed the impact Ozkan’s research had had in the field of catalysis and electrocatalysis, and expressed appreciation for the service and leadership she has provided to professional societies such as the American Chemical Society, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and the North American Catalysis Society.

Speakers also shared anecdotes and memories about the mentoring and nurturing they received from Professor Ozkan as her younger colleagues or students. 

The symposium ended with an introduction of the awardee by LyondellBasell's Rick Watson ('PhD, '02, Ozkan Group) and the presentation of a plaque by Mike Reynolds, the chair of the ACS Energy and Fuels Division.

In her Award Lecture which wrapped up the symposium, Ozkan reflected on her career path, highlighted some of the recent projects her research group has been working on and acknowledged the past and present members of her research team.

"My current and former students are my extended family," she said with a smile. "I want to genuinely thank each and every one of them for making it all worthwhile."

Congratulations, Dr. Ozkan, on receiving this important and well-deserved recognition! 


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