Student Activities

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Becoming an effective engineer is a broad undertaking that can include more than developing one's technical skills.

Employers often like to see evidence of leadership and relationship-building skills, time management, the ability to work in groups to plan and organize projects, and other "soft skills."

That's where getting involved in student activities can help. Getting active with an organization provides opportunities to create friendships, build a network of contacts, prevent burnout, and increase one's overall enjoyment of grad school.

There are many student organizations with which students can get involved, including three groups within the department:

  • ChyComm (Chemical Hygiene Committee) helps to ensure that a culture of safety exists within the department;
  • The department arm of CEGC (Chemical Engineering Graduate Council) organizes social and service events that help students get to know one another and enjoy a bit of down time. The Council of Graduate Students ( is the official representative body of all graduate students. 
  • and the Graduate Research Symposium showcases the talents of graduate students in the department to would-be employers and contacts.

Other groups and organizations of interest might be: