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In the US, the government does not pay for health care. Therefore all OSU students are required to have health insurance during all semesters of enrollment. All immediate family members living with the student must also have health insurance (if applicable). All students will be automatically enrolled into the Student Health Insurance Plan's Comprehensive Plan.

General Information
Students may waive this health insurance by providing proof of comparable coverage (see link below for details).

If you have been awarded a GRA, GTA or Fellowship

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100% of the student's health insurance premiums are covered. 

For more information please visit the Student Health Insurance website: Student Health Insurance Website

General Health Care Services for OSU Students
All enrolled OSU students may use the Wilce Student Health Center. The center provides a full range of services, including general medical care, some dental care, and gynecological and optometry examinations. Fees for regular office visits are waived for enrolled students. Students are charged for medical tests, laboratory procedures, and prescriptions, and can submit those bills to their insurance company. (Family members cannot use the student health center; contact the Wilce Health Center for a listing of community health care providers.)

OSU Student Health Center 1875 Millikin Road (map showing Wilce Center--building 294, lower center of map)
Student Wellness Center 292-4527
Appointments 292-4321
Dental Care Appointments 292-4321
Advice Nurse 292-3301
OSU Student Health Insurance Plan web site

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