Our graduate students choose between on campus housing and off campus rentals. It should be noted that Columbus has a very low cost of living compared to other cities.

On Campus Housing:
Please contact the Housing Office:

Telephone: 614-292-8266
Email: housing@osu.edu
Website: Housing Website


Off Campus:
Located around the campus are many apartments for rent at various rates and sizes. As with any university, these accommodations can vary widely. You may wish to contact the Office of Off-Campus Student Services regarding information on where to look.

The CBE Department is located in the northeast section of the OSU campus. When using the "Student Housing Search link on their site you may want to look for housing unter the "Location Sector" Northeast, Northwest or Other.

Office of Off Campus Student Services
15 East 15th Ave
Columbus, OH 43201
Telephone: 614-292-0100
website: Off Campus Website


If you plan to commute to campus: If you plan on living away from campus and driving everyday there are a number of surrounding communities that are within a 15-20 minute drive.

- Grandview is just west of campus and is populated mostly by young families and graduate and professional students. On most days a commute from Grandview would take 5-10 minutes.
- Clintonville is just north of campus. This is a very nice community with a lot of families. A commute from Clintonville could take 5-10 minutes by car, but is on the COTA route and has a very nice bike path that leads to campus.
- Right around Bethel and Henderson Roads there is a large community of Condominiums. This area is very nice and very close to a lot of shopping. The commute takes longer if you hit rush hour traffic. Most days you should be able to make it to campus in 20 minutes.
- German Village is a really unique and quaint community in downtown Columbus. Any commute from downtown Columbus will probably take 15-20 minutes to get to campus.


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