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William G. Lowrie Lecture Series

The William G. Lowrie Lectureship was established in the department of chemical engineering at The Ohio State University on October 1, 1995 to honor distinguished alumnus William G. Lowrie, '66 (1943-2022).

The lectureship is awarded annually to a distinguished individual who has made outstanding contributions to fundamental or applied research in the field of chemical engineering. Lecturers give two presentations: one on research and/or a technical topic, and another, more broad-based lecture on a topic of the lecturer's choice. In years past, these talks of a more general nature have included such things as a perspective on chemical engineering or higher education in general; the future of chemical engineering; societal issues; or the lecturer's personal reflections regarding their professional journey/experience.

Below is a list of previous Lowrie Lecturers.

William G. Lowrie Lectureship Holders

  1. 2024: Julio Ottino, Northwestern University
  2. 2023: George Georgiou, University of Texas at Austin
  3. 2022: Juan de Pablo: University of Chicago
  4. 2019: Paula Hammond, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  5. 2018:  Matthew Tirrell, University of Chicago
  6. 2017:  Eric W. Kaler, University of Minnesota
  7. 2016:  Nicholas Peppas, University of Texas at Austin
  8. 2015:  Enrique Iglesia, University of California, Berkeley
  9. 2014:  William F. Banholzer, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  10. 2013:  Mark E. Davis, California Institute of Technology
  11. 2012:  Pablo G. DeBenedetti, Princeton University
  12. 2011:  Frank S. Bates, University of Minnesota
  13. 2010:  Rakesh K. Jain, Harvard Medical School
  14. 2009:  Gabor A. Somorjai, University of California, Berkeley
  15. 2008:  Carol K. Hall, North Carolina State University
  16. 2007:  Greg Stephanopoulos, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  17. 2006:  Alice P. Gast, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  18. 2005:  Charles A. Eckert, Georgia Tech
  19. 2004:  John H. Seinfeld, California Institute of Technology
  20. 2002:  Alexis T. Bell, University of California, Berkeley
  21. 2001:  Roy Jackson, Princeton University
  22. 2000:  Robert Langer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  23. 1999:  Judson King, University of California, Berkeley
  24. 1998:  James Wei, Princeton University
  25. 1997:  William R. Schowalter, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  26. 1996:  John F. Davidson, University of Cambridge