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Chemical Engineering Graduate Council (CEGC)

The mission of the Chemical Engineering Graduate Council is to foster the professional and personal development of graduate students by providing a forum for graduate students to interact with each other and faculty in professional and social environments.  CEGC supports the mission and goals of the Department as well as the entire University.  In addition, CEGC upholds standards of integrity and academic excellence, helps to recruit top students from diverse backgrounds, and promotes the development of clean, safe and professional laboratories.

CEGC hosts and organizes an assortment of events and activities throughout the year, including:

  • Orientation for new graduate students
  • Seminars presented by chemical and biomolecular engineering graduate students as practice for important conferences and to promote the exchange of ideas
  • Organizing and evaluating student evaluations of graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants
  • Appreciation luncheons and awards for excellent teaching assistants
  • Graduate recruiting weekends and hosting potential graduate student recruits
  • Semi-annual lab and office cleaning competitions
  • Department participation in intramural sporting events such as basketball, dodgeball, softball, soccer, and volleyball
  • Many social events such as the holiday potluck luncheon, bowling, movie and hockey nights, and chess and ping pong tournaments