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How to Update Personal Information (Name, Job Title, Room Number, etc.)

Updating Information

Information such as your job title, room number, and name changes are maintained in Human Resources / Workday and are pushed to the People directories from there. As such, the Department cannot change this type of information; it has to be changed in Workday.

Instructions on how to change personal information appears below, but it is also accessible from within your Directory Profile, if you prefer to log in at the top right corner of the COE People Directory and follow the links from within your profile.

Job Titles:

The following information is provided by the Human Resources system. 

Titles are pulled from Workday. The title that appears in your Directory Profile is the working title of your primary record.

If there are errors in your personal information, please check Workday for changes to your information or contact Human Resources ( or (614) 292-1050) for corrections in appointment data.

Note: It will take a day or two for changes to appear on the site.

Office Address: 

In compliance with data security restrictions, only your official workspace is displayed. If your workspace is missing or incomplete, you can update it in WorkDay by visiting How to change your Work Space

Instructions also appear below:

How to change your Work Space

  1. Use the Search feature search, and select the task “Change My Work Space.
  2. Select an Effective Date on which to change should begin.
  3. Using the drop-down options select a Work Space by Floor and Room.
  4. Provide any needed Comments.
  5. Select Submit.

The above task allows you to update your work space within a building, such as from room 305 to room 201. If your office location has changed (example: from Bricker Hall to Enarson), your manager will need to update your work location on your behalf via Change Job Details.

Some buildings have so many workspaces that searching by building alone may yield so many results that Workday does not display results, causing users to think the workspace is missing. If your search by building does not yield results, try searching by floor or entering part of the workspace if you know the number. This should narrow results and allow you to see your workspace.

If your workspace does not appear, but others similar to or close to it do, this means your workspace has not been set up. Please visit the job aid to Add/Update Locations.