Foci (Biomolecular, Polymer, Environmental)

All students are required to complete twelve credits of technical electives which is comprised of one math/stat course, two CBE 5000-level courses, and one to two additional courses.  Students have the option (not required) to focus their technical electives into one of three disciplines: biomolecular, environmental, or polymer.  

Biomolecular Focus

  • Biochemistry 4511 (substituted for Chemistry 2520 (Organic Chemistry II)
  • Two of the following CBE courses: 5550, 5733*, 5734*, 5735, 5765, 5766, or 5779.  6 credit hours are required

Remaining hours must be completed by taking courses from the following list:

  • Additional related CBE Biomolecular Electives ( 5550, 5733*, 5734*, 5735, 5765, 5766, 5779)
  • Approved undergraduate research in a bio-related field**
  • Selected courses in Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemistry 2550 (2 hours) – Organic Chemistry Lab II
  • Microbiology  4000 (4 hours) - Basic and Practical Microbiology
  • Additional selected courses in Microbiology
  • Mol Gen 5607 (3 hours) – Cell Biology
  • Mol Gen 4500 (3 hours)- General Genetics
  • Additional courses as approved by CBE Curriculum Committee

*Offered very infrequently

Environmental Focus

Students must take two of the following CBE courses: 5200, 5210, 5230, 5712, or 5713,  plus one additional course from the following list:  

Env Eng 2100 - Analysis of Natural and Polluted Waters

Env Eng 3200--Foundations of Environmental

Env Eng 3210 - Design of Water Treatment Facilities

Env Eng 4400- Integrated Environmental Chemical Fate and Transport 

Env Eng 5110 - Biological Processes for Used Water Treatment

Env Eng 5140- Air Quality Engineering 

Env Eng 5170 - Sustainability and Pollution Prevention Practices

Env Eng 5180 - Environmental Pollution

Env Eng 5410 - Hazardous Waste Management 

Earth Sciences 5651 - Hydrogeology

CBE 5779--Experimental Design

* Please note that students must have permission of the instructor if they do not meet the pre-requisites for the non-CBE electives.  Env Eng major and minor students will be given priority for available seats.  


Polymer Focus

To complete the focus, students are required to take two of the following courses plus one additional elective from the list below:

CBE 5773 (Introduction to High Polymer Engineering)

CBE 5774 (Polymer Membranes)

CBE 5779 (Experimental Design)


Additionally, students must complete one of the following courses*:

-One additional course from the courses listed above

-Materials Science & Engineering 5641 (Polymer Science & Engineering)

-Materials Science & Engineering 5611 (Materials in Medicine)

-Biomedical Engineering 5359 (Biopolymer Structure and Function)

-Industrial Systems Engineering 5540 (Polymer Processing Fundamentals


*Undergraduate research in the focus area may be used to count towards the focus to replace an elective course.  Please speak to Brian Endres to confirm.