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CBE faculty initiate effort to honor Professor Emeritus Jack Zakin

For forty years, Professor Jack Zakin has been a cornerstone of Ohio State ChemE, serving tirelessly as professor, chair, researcher, and mentor. Even after retiring, he has maintained his activities of teaching, research and service without missing a beat --  and never stopped caring for the department.

During his service as department chairman, Dr. Zakin was instrumental in building the foundation of the department by hiring many of the faculty that are still with us today. He also cultivated close ties with alumni, many of whom became loyal supporters of the department during the Campaign for the New Koffolt Laboratories.

Today, you can find Professor Zakin on a daily basis in his office, meeting with PhD students, helping undergraduates, or mentoring young faculty. 

Now, it's our turn to give back.

As Jack nears the 40-year mark of his service to Ohio State, CBE faculty have roused to recognize Jack's tremendous service and are leading an effort to raise funds to name a scholarship in his honor.

Professor Umit Ozkan, one of the leaders of the effort, said, "Jack has made incredible contributions to the department. We wanted to show him our appreciation."

The wonderful thing is that the project is well on its way towards success, having already attracted 90% of the minimum level of funding needed. Once reached, the scholarship can be established --  ready to help another talented and deserving chemical engineering student who is just starting out.

If you were touched by Jack's influence - either as a student, alumnus, faculty member or colleague - please take a moment to watch the Zakin Tribute Video to refresh your memory on Jack's many contributions, and then consider adding your support to the project.

We would love to see as many alumni and friends participate as possible!  It's easy. Just go to and join in remembering and supporting one of our most devoted colleagues.

Another way to "give back" to Jack would be to participate in the project to create a Keepsake Booklet for Jack. If you would like to share a happy memory with Jack, a note of congratulations, a photograph, or anything else, please send your material to by April 15, and the department will compile the materials received.

Thank you for your support, and remember, every gift counts!

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