Wyslouzil Aerosol Lab

Wyslouzil Aerosol Lab

Aerosol and particle technology


Doctoral student Kayane Dingilian's award-winning presentation on research pertaining to carbon capture

The Wyslouzil Laboratory studies aerosol science, phase transitions, nucleation, particle growth, nanoparticle structure, and particle formation via electrospray techniques.

The Wyslouzil Group is credited with creating the world's "squarest" ice. This near-perfect cubic arrangement of water molecules is a form of ice that may exist in the coldest high-altitude clouds but is extremely hard to make on Earth. The ability to make and study cubic ice in the laboratory could improve computer models of how clouds interact with sunlight and the atmosphere—two keys to understanding climate change.

LEFT:  Kayane Dingilian describes her work in the Wyslouzil Lab.  Click on the [  ] symbol in the bottom right of the video to view it full screen.


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