Leadership and Service Opportunities

Although the chemical engineering undergraduate program is rigorous, students can maximize their experience and expand their skills and personal networks by getting involved in a wide range of student organizations.

Two of the more popular ones are the American Institute for Chemical Engineers (AIChE), the leading professional organization for chemical engineers, and ChemE Car.

Solar District Cup team

There are many other student organizations that may be of interest to chemical engineering students. In 2020, students became active in Solar Education and Outreach (SolarEO), participating in a solar energy competition, winning a Solo District Cup in the Collegiate Design Competition.

Another popular group is Engineers Without Borders.

Visit the College of Engineering website for a list of additional organizations of possible interest.


AIChE BuckeyeThon
2019 ChemE Car Run at Nationals


K-12 outreach
pancake fundraiser
AIChE - BuckeyeThon
Ronald McDonald House meal prep
Haiti Solar project
Broseus, Amanda on left