Foci (Biomolecular, Polymer, Environmental)

All students are required to complete twelve credits of technical electives which is comprised of one math/stat course, two CBE 5000-level courses, and one to two additional courses.  Students have the option to focus their technical electives into one of three disciplines: biomolecular, environmental, or polymer.  

Biomolecular Focus

  • Biochemistry 4511 (substituted for Chemistry 2520 (Organic Chemistry II)
  • Two of the following CBE courses: 5550, 5733*, 5734*, 5735, 5765, 5766, or 5779.  6 credit hours are required

Remaining hours must be completed by taking courses from the following list:

  • Additional related CBE Biomolecular Electives ( 5550, 5733*, 5734*, 5735, 5765, 5766, 5779)
  • Approved undergraduate research in a bio-related field**
  • Selected courses in Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemistry 2550 (2 hours) – Organic Chemistry Lab II
  • Microbiology  4000 (4 hours) - Basic and Practical Microbiology
  • Additional selected courses in Microbiology
  • Mol Gen 5607 (3 hours) – Cell Biology
  • Mol Gen 4500 (3 hours)- General Genetics
  • Additional courses as approved by CBE Curriculum Committee

*Offered very infrequently

Environmental Focus

Students must take two of the following CBE courses: 5712, 5713, 5772 plus one additional course from the following list:  

Env Eng 2100 - Analysis of Natural and Polluted Waters

Env Eng 3200--Foundations of Environmental

Env Eng 3210 - Design of Water Treatment Facilities

Env Eng 5110 - Biological Processes for Used Water Treatment

Env Eng 5140- Air Quality Engineering 

Env Eng 5170 - Sustainability and Pollution Prevention Practices

Env Eng 5180 - Environmental Pollution

Env Eng 5410 - Hazardous Waste Management 

Earth Sciences 5651 - Hydrogeology

CBE 5779--Experimental Design

* Please note that students must have permission of the instructor if they do not meet the pre-requisites for the non-CBE electives.  


Polymer Focus

To complete the focus, students are required to take two of the following courses plus one additional elective from the list below:

CBE 5773 (Introduction to High Polymer Engineering)

CBE 5774 (Polymer Membranes)

CBE 5775 (Rheology of Fluids)

CBE 5779 (Experimental Design)


Additionally, students must complete one of the following courses*:

-One additional course from the courses listed above

-Materials Science & Engineering 5641 (Polymer Science & Engineering)

-Materials Science & Engineering 5611 (Materials in Medicine)

-Biomedical Engineering 5359 (Biopolymer Structure and Function)

-Industrial Systems Engineering 5540 (Polymer Processing Fundamentals


*Undergraduate research in the focus area may be used to count towards the focus to replace an elective course.  However, you must complete a research approval form.