Academic Advising

Brian Endres and Kristen Forche serve as the undergraduate academic advisors in the Department.  Their role in advising can be summed up with the following statements:

  • Deliberate with students about which courses to take, career goals, progress towards successful completion of degree, course schedules, and study habits.
  • Inform students of degree requirements, resources of study, and additional campus resources.
  • Keep records: Advising transcripts, logs, notes, degree progress checklists
  • Act as an advocate for students by writing letters of recommendation for jobs, internships, graduate and professional schools; awards; engaging in a petition process with students; working behind the scenes on behalf of advisees.
  • Refer a student to a person or office when a student's needs extend beyond the reach of his or her professional expertise; adjustment problems, assessing learning disabilities, personal crises, grievances, and career placement. 



Brian Endres

Coordinator of Academic Advising

616 Koffolt Labs (CBEC) (please email for fastest response time)

Phone: (614) 292-6986     Fax: (614) 292-7906


Kristen Forche 

Academic Advisor 

612 Koffolt Labs (CBEC) 

Phone: (614) 688-5686

Are you considering changing your major to chemical engineering?  

Current OSU students wishing to switch their major to chemical engineering should schedule an appointment with Anne  

Students can schedule an appointment with her in Oncourse by selecting ISE – Baker Systems 210.  Her office is located in 025 Hitchcock Hall.