Shang-Tian Yang Group - Bioprocessing & Bioengineering

Shang-Tian Yang Group - Biotechnology & Bioengineering

Biochemical, Metabolic, Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering; Industrial Biotechnology

Interdisciplinary research involving synthetic biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, food science, and bioprocess engineering with industrial and biomedical applications   

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Our current research program covers two important areas in bioprocessing and bioengineering. The first one is bioprocessing for value-added products; the second one is animal cell culture, tissue engineering and cell-based high throughput screening.  Research projects include fermentation, biocatalysis, metabolic engineering, cell and tissue engineering, microfluidic bioreactors and biochips for high throughput screening and biodiagnostics.


The story of butanol as told by ButylFuel and Dave Ramey. This video explains the benefits of biobutanol. It also tells the story of how Dave Ramey drove a Buick powered only by butanol across the United States.


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