Yang, Shang-Tian


Yang is Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (CBE), Food Science & Technology (FST), Biomedical Engineering, Molecular Genetics, Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology (MCDB) Programand Biochemistry Graduate Program (OSBP) at The Ohio State University. Yang has been involved in bioprocessing research for more than 40 years, and has 12 related patents, some of which have been licensed to companies for commercial development. During his 36+ years at OSU, Yang has supervised many research projects on novel bioprocesses for value-added products from food and agricultural wastes, including metabolic engineering of clostridia and black yeast for biofuels and bio-based chemicals production, extractive fermentation for production of carboxylic acids, and novel bioreactor design and process scale up. His group pioneered in engineering clostridia for high-titer and high-yield butyric acid and n-butanol production from renewable biomass and CO2. His research group also developed the first 3D cell culture system that can mimic in vivo tissue environment and be used reliably in high-throughput screening of chemicals for their embryotoxic potentials and/or as cancer drug targets. His current research involves biocatalysis, fermentation for value-added products from biomass and industrial wastes, metabolic engineering, stem cell and tissue engineering, and biochips for high-throughput cell-based assays and biodiagnostics. Dr. Yang has published more than 375 journal papers, proceeding articles, and book chapters in the field of bioprocess engineering, with over 17,500 total citations and an h-index of 77.



  B.S. in Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University (Taipei, Taiwan)

  M.S.E. in Food & Biochemical Engineering, Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana)

  Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering, Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana)


Bioprocess engineering, fermentation, biocatalysis, metabolic engineering, stem cell and tissue engineering, microfluidic bioreactors and biochips for high throughput screening and biodiagnostics


CBE 3521 - Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Transport Phenomena II (Heat and Mass Transfer)

CBE 5766 - Biotechnology & Bioprocess Engineering