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Eduardo Reategui

  • Assistant Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Eng
  • 151 W. Woodruff Ave
    Columbus, OH 43210



  • Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2011
  • M.S., University of Massachusetts, 2006
  • B.S., Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria, 2004


Key Honors and Distinctions

  • Best Dissertation Award, University of Minnesota, 2011
  • Doctoral work provided basis for launching Minnepura Technologies, a start-up at the University of Minnesota


RESEARCH AREAS - Reategui Group

Bridging engineering disciplines with biology to exploit complex cellular interactions and mechanisms towards the goal of solving unmet needs in life sciences and medicine. The Reategui research group focuses on the development of translational microtechnologies combining microfluidics, biomaterials, and molecular imaging techniques to help better diagnose, study, and treat cancer and infectious diseases. 

*Graduate student research opportunities are currently available.



Since 2008, Dr. Reategui has had19 peer-reviewed articles to date, including articles in Nature Communications, Nature Biomedical Engineering and Nature Materials. Additional papers appear in Advanced Materials, Biomaterials, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, Technology, Journal of Materials Chemistry B, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, and Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics.


  • E.  Reátegui, A. Aksan, A, Hubel, Silica-Based Composite Ocular Device and Methods. Patent US9492271, 2016.

  • E. Reátegui, L. Kasinkas, A. Aksan, Silica-Matrix Forming Compositions, Materials Formed Therefrom, and Methods of Using the Same. Patent US9427408, 2016.

Five more patents are pending.