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Elizabeth Jergens
Academic Officer

I am a second year PhD student with Dr Winter’s group where my main project is improving biological staining methods. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at Purdue University. I am from Cincinnati, OH. In my free time, I like to watch sports, especially hockey, play video games, and drawing or painting.



Archit Datar
Business Officer

I am a second year Ph.D. student in Dr. Lin's Computational Materials Discovery group. My work is based on modelling and screening materials for ChemE applications such as reverse osmosis, carbon capture and storage, etc. I completed my undergraduate degree from ICT, Mumbai. I like to explore Columbus, especially restaurants, and watch TV series in my free time. 

Mitch Weigand
Facilities Officer

I am a second year PhD student in Dr. Chalmers's group. My research focuses on separating human red blood cells based on magnetic mobility and iron content. I'm a huge baseball fan and coach a local high school travel team during summers. As someone from Michigan, I am neutral in the football rivalry but want to the see the Big 10 do well in general. I also enjoy cooking and taking long walks to Buckeye Donuts.



Anagha Hunoor
Gradaute Research Symposium Officer

I am second year PhD student in Dr. Ozkan's research group. My work is focused on heterogenous catalysis in hydrodechlorination and hydrogenation reations. I received my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Chemical Engineering from Institute of Chemical Technology, India. In my spare time, I like reading thriller novels and listening to music. I also, love cooking and eating!!


Nick Liesen
Recruiting Officer

I am a third year PhD student in Dr. Kusaka’s Molecular Thermodynamics group where we study nanoparticle self-assembly through molecular simulation. I’ve also been a GTA for Transport I and Process Controls for the past two years. My bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering is from Ohio State, where I started out as an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Kusaka’s group. In my free time I like to run, play tennis (badly), and unintentionally brick electronic devices.


Vance Gustin
Social Officer

I am a third year PhD student working for Dr. Ozkan. My research focuses on nitrogen-carbon nanostructures and their application as electrocatalysts for use in fuel cells. I completed my B.S. in Chemical Engineering at the University of Maine, Orono. My hobbies include telling chemistry jokes periodically and fly fishing.