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El-Monier named to Ohio Oil and Gas Commission

Ilham El-Monier
Ilham El-

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has appointed Associate Professor and Research Associate Professor Ilham El-Monier to the Oil and Gas Commission of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Her term began February 9, 2024, and will end on October 14, 2028.

El-Monier is one of two individuals newly appointed to the Commission, a five-member Governor-appointed advisory council. Pursuant to Section 1509.35 of the Ohio Revised Code, one of the appointees must be a representative of a major petroleum company, one must represent independent petroleum producers, one must represent the public, one must be classed as learned and experienced in oil and gas law, and one must be learned and experienced in geology. El-Monier falls into the latter category.

A major function of the Commission is to receive and hear appeals of any person claiming to be aggrieved or adversely affected by an order by the Chief of the Division of Oil & Gas Resources Management. 


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