Commitment to service, research earns Sonu Kumar a Ray Travel Award

Sonu Kumar by lake
Sonu Kumar

Sonu Kumar will present his research paper titled “Hydrogen Production from Acid Gas: Structural Changes for Enhanced Reactivity in FeS-based Hydrogen Sulfide Decomposition Systems” at the November 2023 AIChE Annual meeting with support from an Edward J. Ray Travel Award for Scholarship and Service.

In this paper, Kumar, a doctoral candidate in L-S Fan’s research group, describes his research on converting hydrogen sulfide (H2S), a toxic gas generated during the processing of fossil fuels, into clean hydrogen (H2) fuel.

Conventionally, this H2S is transformed into water (H2O), thus squandering its potential as an H2 source. Instead, Kumar engineered nanoscale sulfur carrier particles and used a chemical looping platform to selectively decompose H2S within an acid gas stream into H2.

The objective of the Ray Travel award, which is administered by The Ohio State University Council of Graduate Students. is to encourage and enable graduate students across the university to participate in professional conferences by offsetting expenses associated with their professional presentations. Unlike other programs that grant travel funds, in addition to academic standing, the Ray Travel Award gives substantial weight to the applicant's service to his/her department, the university, and the surrounding community.

Kumar, who has undertaken significant outreach and service activities within the department and university at large, was selected for the honor because of his service record and commitment to service, effective research statement and interesting research topic, and clear statement of goals. He will receive $1000 to support travel and associated expenses for the conference, where he will present the aforementioned talk along with two poster presentations.



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