Rushikesh Joshi wins Ray Travel Award

Rushikesh Joshi at the Early Career Innovator of the Year awards

Doctoral student Rushikesh Joshi received the Ray Travel Award for Service and Scholarship to support his attendance at the Clearwater Clean Energy Conference July 23-28, 2023. At the conference, Joshi will make a presentation titled "Biomass to Syngas: Advancements in The Ohio State University's Moving Bed Reducer Technology for Biomass Gasification."

The Ray Travel Award, granted by The Ohio State University Council of Graduate Students (CGS), encourages and enables graduate students across the university to participate in professional conferences, both in their respective fields and in the broader academic community, by reimbursing or partially reimbursing the expenses incurred by graduate students during travel to conferences and meetings to present original research.

Unlike other programs that grant travel funds, the Ray Award gives substantial weight to the applicant's service to his/her department, the university, and the surrounding community. Ray Award judges also take into account the academic standing of the applicant, the applicant's professional goals, the nature of the conference being attended, and the applicant's ability to convey the focus of their research to a general audience.

The Ray Award supports and enhances the three-part mission of the University: research, teaching, and service. The Council believes that professional presentations of research are a vital part of the academic and professional development of graduate students. Not only do such activities help the individual student gain recognition in his or her field (therefore increasing employment opportunities), but they also showcase the high quality research that characterizes The Ohio State University.

Joshi was commended for undertaking an excellent variety in service activities, the amount of time he dedicates to service activities, and for his excellent research.

"I am so happy about Rush winning this award," said Joshi's advisor, Professor L.-S. Fan. "He makes us all very proud."

Joshi is a member of the L.-S. Fan Clean Energy Laboratory and was recently a finalist for The Ohio State University's Next Generation Innovator of the Year award.