Students recognized at Lowrie Awards Banquet


The William G. Lowrie Honors and Awards Banquet held in March 2023 honored some of the department's top students, researchers, and leaders.  

Over one hundred people attended the event, which included students, faculty and staff. 

Just for fun, guests were greeted by none other than R2-D2 before enjoying the banquet and one another's company.

Department Chair Umit Ozkan presented the awards, with assistance from various faculty members.

Awardees and honorees are shown below.


2023 American Institute of Chemists awardees
2023 CBE Postdoctoral Scholar awardees

AIC (American Institute of Chemists) Foundation Awards

Outstanding Undergraduate Award:  Jason Hu  (Advisor: LS Fan)   
Outstanding Graduate Student Award:  Anuj Joshi  (Advisor: LS Fan)
Outstanding Postdoctoral Award:  Diego Becerra  (Advisor: Lisa Hall)

CBE Outstanding Postdoctoral Scholar Award for Research Excellence

Dr. Jianhang Shi  (Advisor: Winston Ho)                                  

Dr. Changlong Zou  (Advisor: Winston Ho)

2023 Graduate Student Academic Achievement awardees
2023 ChyComm Awardees

CBE Outstanding Graduate Student Award for Academic Achievement

Jee-Yee Chen  (Advisor: Nicholas Brunelli)
Yi-Chen Huang  (Advisor: Winston Ho)    
Rushikesh Joshi  (Advisor: LS Fan)
Jaesung Kim  (Advisor: Umit Ozkan)
Pinak Mohapatra  (Advisor: LS Fan)
Shraavya Rao  (Advisor: Winston Ho)    
Amrita Sen  (Advisor: Bhavik Bakshi)
Ying Xue  (Advisor: Bhavik Bakshi)
Yutong Yang  (Advisor: Winston Ho)  

CBE Chemical Hygiene Committee (ChyComm) Awards

Excellence in Safety Award - Department-wide:  Jessica Winter's Lab

Outstanding Laboratory Safety Award - Traditional:  Nicholas Brunelli's Lab 

Outstanding Laboratory Safety Award - Bio:  Andre Palmer's Lab

2023 Outstanding Undergrad Researcher and Patents/Publishing awardees
2023 AIChE Chapter Awardees

CBE Outstanding Undergraduate Awards for Research and Patents/Publishing

Research Award: Joseph Orlando  (Advisor: David Wood)

Patents/Publishing Award: Chidinma (Didi) Kanu  (Advisor: David Wood)

AIChE Chapter Awards

Central Ohio Section Outstanding Student Award:  
Sparsh Balabadrapatruni
Donald F. Othmer AIChE Sophomore Academic Excellence Award:  Rita Kret

2023 AIChE Student Chapter Awardees

AIChE Student Chapter Awards

Exemplary Service and Leadership Award:  Elizabeth Ostadali
Outstanding Community Outreach Award:   Zachary Gemmer
Outstanding Support of Undergraduate Education Award:   Michael Tomechko




2022-23 AIChE Officers
2023 CEGC Officers (Chemical Engineering Graduate Council)

Undergraduate Student AIChE Officers

President:  Elizabeth Ostadali    
Internal Vice President:  Sarah Porter
External Vice Pres.:  Emily Wiegand
Secretary:  Brady Kinsman
Treasurer:  Zac Gemmer
Finance Chair:  Jill Feilen
Freshman Outreach Chair:  Ally Lewis
Intramural Chair:  Matt Mileski
Marketing Chair:  Matthew Robinson
Mentorship Chair:  Nathan Phan
Professional Events Coordinator: Mason Hammer
Regional Conference Chair:  Reva Sharma
Regional Conference Treasurer:      
Megan Fahrenkamp
Social Events Coordinator:  Natalie Jones
Wellness Chair:  Mason Pierce
Webmaster:  Michael Tomechko

Chemical Engineering Graduate Council (CEGC) Officers

President:  Megan Allyn
Vice President:   Hannah Pineault
Treasurer:   Paul Lee 
Mental Health Officer:   Alisyn Greenfield
Recruitment Officer:   Leah Ford
Social Chair:   Sophia Mayone

2023 Graduate Research Symposium Committee
2023 Chemical Engineering Hygiene Committee (ChyC0mm)

Graduate Research Symposium

Akshay Kudva

Team Coordinators:
Ashin Sunny
Snehal Patil
Kevin Lu 
GRS Officers:
Ting-Yeh Chen
Joseph Flory
Max Ma
Sophia Mayone
Farshid Nazemi
Hannah Pineault
Tanmay Salvi
Xinyu Zhen

Chemical Hygiene Committee (ChyComm)

Lead Officer:  
Elizabeth Jergens

Safety Officers:  
Brunelli Lab:  Leah Ford,  Hannah Pineault
Chalmers Lab:  Hyeon Choe
Fan Lab:  Sonu Kumar
Ho Lab:  Yutong Yang
Ozkan Lab:  Snehal Patil, Anagha Hunoor
Palmer Lab:  Alisyn Greenfield, Amna Abdalbaqi 
Reategui Lab:  Chiranth Koratagere Nagaraj
Swindle-Reilly Lab:  Megan Allyn
Wang Lab:  Robert Dupont
Winter Lab:  Elizabeth Jergens, Paul Lee
Wood Lab:  Nathan Moody
Yang Lab:  Curtis Moore