Doctoral student Faiz Khan wins new poster award

Posted: November 18, 2022

Graduate student Faiz Khan from the Jessica Winter research group won 2nd place in this year’s Nanoscale Engineering and Science Forum Graduate Student Poster Competition.  He presented on "Controlled nanoparticles synthesis using microreactor mixing and residence time distribution." 

His research focuses on developing scalable processes for the development of organic and inorganic nanoparticles. "With a broad research skillset in product and formulation development, I am looking forward to exciting opportunities and collaborations in the future," he said.

Faiz Khan, 2022 Impact Award

In March, Khan won the College of Engineering 2022 ECS Student Impact Award for his work with Corteva Agriscience during the summer of 2021.

He also won first place in Session One of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Indiana Local Section's PREDICT 2021 Graduate Student Lightning Talk Contest. His topic was "Application of jet mixing reactors for controlled, rapid nanoparticle synthesis."

In addition, at The Ohio State University Hayes Graduate Research Forum's 2021 Engineering Poster Competition, he won first place for his poster titled "Application of Jet mixing reactors for controlled, rapid nanoparticle synthesis." Research statement: Some of the nanoparticle synthesis procedures are very rapid, occurring on the timescale of a few milliseconds. Conventional stirred batch reactors are not able to achieve uniform mixing before the onset of nanoparticle formation. To overcome this disparity between mixing time and nanoparticle formation time, Faiz works with novel jet mixing reactor systems, where smaller reactor length scales and confined geometry can achieve mixing on a similar timescale as nanoparticle formation time. Using Jet mixing reactor, he was able to produce a smaller and narrow nanoparticle size distribution compared to conventional batch reactors. 



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