Brunelli Group wins Excellence in Safety Award

Posted: July 14, 2022

Nicholas Brunelli and his research group has won the University Laboratory Safety Committee's 2022 Excellence in Safety Award in the Group category. Brunelli's laboratory was singled out for its history of demonstrating a strong commitment to safety and for its considerable contributions to improving laboratory safety on the Ohio State campus.

Among their achievements, the lab is recognized for:

  1. Implementing a laboratory continuity plan requiring all members to be familiar with key safety procedures and to be able to cross-train others. This has provided a pathway to ensure lab members are being trained and key safety practices and procedures are not lost, especially as it pertains to EHS safety inspections.
  2. Taking a proactive approach to safety. The group regularly performs self-inspections to ensure EHS guidelines are being followed throughout the year versus a day before the EHS inspection. The lab routinely receives perfect EHS inspections which is a strong reflection of the lab’s knowledge on various safety topics.
  3. Demonstrating a strong commitment to safety culture.

The Excellence in Safety Award is a university-wide award. Winners are chosen by a voting process of the University Laboratory Safety (ULSC) Committee.

The goal of the ULSC is to enhance the safety culture at Ohio State by helping to shape safety programs, review and distribute new regulatory information, and provide feedback from the university community regarding current laboratory safety incidents or issues. 

ULSC is coordinated and implemented by The Ohio State Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and the Office of Research.


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