Doctoral student Anuj Joshi wins ACS Energy & Fuels Division Student Presentation Award

Posted: August 31, 2021
Joshi, Anuj
Anuj Joshi

Anuj Joshi, a doctoral candidate from Professor L.-S. Fan's group, received 3rd prize in the Student Presentation Award Competition (SPAC) held by the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) Energy and Fuels Division (ENFL) at the ACS Fall 2021 meeting in Atlanta, which took place August 22-26.

SPAC is a travel grant sponsored by the ENFL with the aim of encouraging students to present their research. Anuj presented his research at ACS Fall 2021 and was formally recognized for his achievement at the ACS ENFL Division Business meeting. 

Anuj’s presentation, titled “Synergistic decomposition of H2S into H2 by Ni3S2 over bifunctional ZrO2 support via a sulfur looping scheme with CO2 enabled carrier regeneration” discussed the novel redox process that he helped to develop for efficient decomposition of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) into hydrogen (H2) and sulfur (S) using Ni3S2 based carrier. Current state-of-the-art technologies for H2S treatment result in formation of sulfur and steam and requires an energy-intensive air separation unit. The advantage of the novel process is that it not only produces valuable H2 from H2S, but also utilizes CO2 as a sweep gas for carrier regeneration, which eliminates the requirement of an air separation unit.

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