ENGIE Smart Campus Challenge supports student research

Posted: March 26, 2019

Earlier this semester, two undergraduates from Andy Maxson's class successfully competed in the final round of the venture capitalist-style ENGIE Smart Campus ChallengeCharles (Erik) Moritz and Patrick Henson were part of the Surfactant Addition Team that won $10,000 in support of their project offering a potential solution to a campus sutainability problem. Their proposal was to apply drag reduction principles to Ohio State's chilled water air conditioning system by adding an oil to Ohio State’s East Regional Chilled Water Plant to see whether it could increase the energy efficiency and functionality of the plant’s chilled water loops.

Funds for the Smart Campus Challenge ($190,000 overall) came from ENGIE, a European company that seeks to develop future collaborations with innovative project leaders in pursuit of a society that is more energy-efficient and less dependent on nuclear energy and fossil fuels while offering more efficient services to its customers. This June, the team winning first place will have an opportunity to travel to Engie's Innovation Week in Paris, France, where innovators and their solutions can connect with the stakeholders who need them the most. Read more about the Smart Campus Challenge here

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