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American Physical Society recognizes Winter with Five Sigma Physicist Award

Winter at House and Senate briefings, October 25, 2017Winter at House and Senate briefings, October 25, 2017


Jessica Winter has been recognized by the American Physical Society with its 2018 Five Sigma Physicist Award for her outstanding science policy advocacy work.

Winter, associate director of Ohio State’s Center for Emergent Materials and a professor of chemical engineering in the William G. Lowrie Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, made several key presentations to members of Congress in 2017 and wrote an op-ed on the importance of science funding in The Hill, subsequently meeting with Senator Rob Portman’s office. 

Last fall, Professor Winter was on Capital Hill to speak as a member of the Science Coalition panel for House and Senate briefings on the value and impact of federally-funded research. She described how her company, Core Quantum Technologies, got its start with help from federal funding and how American-made innovation sparks economic growth (click for video).

Earlier in the year, Winter and colleagues from the University of Georgia and the Boston Museum of Science were invited by the National Science Foundation’s Office of Legislative and Public Affairs to participate in “The Arc of Science: Research to Results,” where she shared her quantum dots imaging innovation during a welcome event for approximately 200 new members of Congress and staff.


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