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Another first place prize for Kil Ho Lee

Kil Ho Lee working with fluorescent nanoparticles in the Winter Lab.Kil Ho Lee working with fluorescent nanoparticles in the Winter Lab.Kil Ho Lee, a Ph.D. candidate working in Jessica Winters' Biological and Applied Nanotechnology Laboratory, has again won first place in the Third Annual Engineering in Healthcare Industry and Research Symposium.

Lee, whose advisors are Barbara Wyslouzil and Jessica Winter, also won first prize in last year's Healthcare Industry and Research Symposium, as well as first prize at the 2016 Hayes Graduate Research Forum sponsored by the Office of Research, the Graduate School, and the Council of Graduate Students.



The title of the project was "Electrospray-mediated Flash NanoPrecipitation for synthesizing Drug Delivery Nanocarriers."

The work aims to develop a platform for producing drug delivery nanocarriers. One of the best approaches to produce polymeric nanocarriers for drug delivery is Flash NanoPrecipitation (FNP), which utilizes a jet mixer and induces a rapid mixing of hydrophobic materials (e.g. hydrophobic drug, hydrophobic segment of amphiphilic block copolymer) in water. This rapid mixing results in the nucleation and growth of polymeric nanoparticles encapsulating drug molecules. However, FNP often requires extreme flow rates to induce the rapid mixing. To address that problem, the researchers developed a process that could achieve a rapid mixing of hydrophobic materials in water without heavily depending on the flow rate(s). The process is Electrospray-mediated FNP and researchers demonstrated the synthesis of highly uniform drug delivery nanocarriers and the enhanced encapsulation efficiency.

Congratulations, Kil Ho!