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The cover-worthy research of Li-Chiang Lin

Professor Li-Chiang Lin, who joined CBE last year as an assistant professor, has had three articles featured on the covers of top science journals:

  • The Journal of Physical Chemistry C
  • ChemPhysChem
  • Molecular Systems Design and Engineering. 

Journal of Physical Chemistry C

This image above, featured on the cover of the Journal of Physical Chemistry Cdepicts a MFI nanosheet membrane at a thickness of only few nanometers to effectively block the passage of salt ions (green and purple spheres) while providing small resistance for water to transport via the channels.

The short diffusion distance and versatile pore structure of zeolite nanosheets make them promising candidates as reverse osmosis membranes for water desalination. Zeolite nanosheets with desirable geometric characteristics are identified to allow exceptionally fast water permeation while maintaining excellent ability to reject salt. 

"Atomistic Understanding of Zeolite Nanosheets for Water Desalination," Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 121, issue 21, 11021-11976 (2017).

ChemPhysChem - Journal of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry

The image above appears on the back cover of ChemPhysChem and shows the separation of salt ions from saline sources using single-walled aluminosillicate nanotubes, which have been demonstrated to provide opportunities in water desalination. 

"Investigating the Potential of Single-walled Aluminosillicate Nanotubes in Water Desalination," ChemPhysChem, 18, 179-183 (February, 2017).

Molecular Systems Design & Engineering

This cover image on Molecular Systems Design & Engineering depicts a visualization of the (upper) CH4 and potential energy surfaces of a predicted top-performing hypothetical zeolite for CO2 capture from natural gas.  

"High-Throuput Computational Screening of Nanoporous Adsorbents for CO2 Capture from Natural Gas," Molecular Systems Design & Engineering, 1, 175-188 (August, 2016).


Professor Li-Chiang LinProfessor Li-Chiang LinAbout Professor Lin

Professor Lin obtained his PhD in 2014 from the University of California-Berkeley, where he studied with Professor Berend Smit in molecular simulations. Prior to joining Ohio State in July 2016, he was a research scientist in Professor Jeffrey Grossman's group at MIT.

Dr. Lin's research focuses on the discovery of novel, energy-efficient and cost-effective materials using computational approaches for energy-related applications such as separations. His methodology integrates multi-scale computational techniques (e.g., molecular simulations, density functional theory calculations, etc.) to achieve accurate simulation predictions and efficient large-scale screenings.

Dr. Lin first published in 2012 with papers in Nature Materials and Nature Chemistry. Both papers have been cited well over 100 times.

To date, he has 41 peer-reviewed articles and has published in such high-impact journals as Angewandte Chemie (two papers), Nature Communications (four papers), Nano Letters, Journal of the American Chemical Society (six papers), and Energy & Environmental Science

He also received the 2013 DOW Excellence in Teaching Award, Chevron Fellowships (2012-13), the 2012 AIChE Separations Division Graduate Student Research Award, and six Presidential Awards (top five percent of students) at National Taiwan University. 



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