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John Clay receives Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching

John Clay's class was interrupted today -- and in a most delightful way. 

Provost Bruce McPheron, Vice Provost Kay Wolf, College of Engineering Dean David Williams, and CBE Professor Jeffrey Chalmers entered Dr. Clay's classroom on West 18th Avenue a little after 1:30 pm in a surprise visit to present him with the university-wide Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching. 

Clay, who joined CBE in 2014 as a clinical faculty member, is known for setting a very high bar for his students, but his dedication and passion for teaching has won their devotion in return.

"I'd take him for every course," one student wrote. "His love for teaching and helping students is unparalleled. Learned an unbelievable amount."

"Such a fantastic professor and person to be around. The man is a legend in the ChemE department," wrote another. Other students wrote:

"Amazing at teaching. Absolutely fantastic. He does so much more than teach the material -- he teaches important life lessons and makes everything interesting." 

"Unrivaled passion for teaching and his students. I learned so much, not only course material, but also about how to learn. Not easy, but I feel much more confident in my overall abilities to succeed." 

Clay teaches required courses and the Unit Operations lectures, and continues to hold a partial appointment at Battelle.

The Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching annually recognizes a maximum of ten faculty members for their teaching excellence. Students, faculty, and alumni may nominate a faculty member, and a committee of students, previous recipients, and alumni choose the recipients. 

With receipt of this honor comes membership into the prestigious Academy of Teaching. In addition to be honored at an upcoming faculty awards recognition celebration this May, Clay and the other awardees will be honored during a football game in Ohio Stadium next fall.

See some of the fun in John Clay's Unit Operations class, as well as a Mannequin Challenge.

Congratulations, Dr. Clay, on this remarkable achievement!




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