Bakshi Group's paper places in ES&T's "Best Papers of 2015"


A paper Bhavik Bakshi's group published in Environmental Science and Technology (ES&T) was selected by the publication as one of its Best Papers of 2015.

Each year, Environmental Science and Technology, a publication of the American Chemical Society, publishes over 1500 papers. Every paper ES&T publishes meets a high standard of novelty, rigor and impact within a specific research area. However, to read the entire journal would mean reading four or five papers every day. To help readers identify the papers that have the greatest impact for the entire community, ES&T's editors identify approximately 100 outstanding papers in the topics of Environmental Science, Environmental Technology, Environmental Policy, and Features. From among these award-caliber papers, the journal's Editorial Advisory Board ranks the papers on the basis of quality, novelty and impact. It is then the editor's job to identify the best papers and runners-up in each of the four categories."

Bakshi's paper, “Economic Dependence of U.S. Industrial Sectors on Animal-Mediated Pollination Service,” was selected as first runner-up in the Environmental Policy category.

"Being selected as a runner-up is quite an accomplishment," ES&T's editor-in-chief, David Sedlak, wrote to Bakshi.

"I chose your paper from among the group recommended by the board. Therefore, you can view the selection of your paper from among this large cohort of published papers as an indication of the high opinion that we all have for the novelty and significance of  your research," Sedlak said.

Congratulations, Bakshi Group!


“Economic Dependence of U.S. Industrial Sectors on Animal-Mediated Pollination Service” (Environ. Sci. Technol., 2015, 49 (24), 14441–14451).

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