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Umit Ozkan Honored by a Special Volume of Topics in Catalysis

Umit Ozkan was honored by a special volume of Topics in Catalysis, which is a premier journal in the field of catalysis.

The special volume published in December 2013 (volume 56, issues 18-20) included contributions from 35 different research groups from 12 different countries.The articles highlighted catalysis innovations in many areas including catalysis for energy and environmental applications, rational design of heterogeneous catalysis, in situ and operando catalyst characterization, and elucidation of catalytic reaction and deactivation mechanisms.

The preface to the special volume stated that “the breadth of topics covered and the global input into this special issue highlight the diverse and important problems that Professor Ozkan has addressed in her career, the impact that she has made, and the people whom she has positively influenced."

The volume has been placed in the display case at the entrace to Koffolt Labs.

Topics in Catalysis - special volume honoring Umit OzkanTopics in Catalysis - special volume honoring Umit Ozkan