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Bhavik Bakshi Receives AIChE Research Excellence in Sustainable Engineering Award



Congratulations to Bhavik Bakshi on receiving the AIChE Research Excellence in Sustainable Engineering Award for innovation in sustainable engineering by integrating systems ecology with systems engineering via thermodynamics, and by accounting for ecosystem services in sustainability assessment and design.


Bakshi has been active in Sustainable Engineering research since 1999, making him among the early adopters and pioneers in the field. His contributions cut across disciplinary boundaries and include Connecting Engineering Thermodynamics with Ecological Thermodynamics, Thermodynamics for Life Cycle Assessment, LCA of Emerging Technologies, and Design of Sustainable Systems as Techno-Ecological Synergy Networks.


In the last five years, he has published 1 edited book, 15 book chapters, 46 peer-reviewed journal and conference articles, and given 38 invited presentations at prestigious conferences, academic institutions and corporate research centers.


Considering the global nature of the sustainability challenge, Bakshi has made significant efforts to spread his work in developing countries through collaborations in Colombia, Brazil and India. He holds academic appointments in India, co-advises PhD students there, and is involved in efforts to build research and education capacity. He has developed courses on Sustainable Engineering and offers them regularly to students and practitioners. He also offers professional education courses at Ohio State, MIT and in India. Bakshi’s work has been funded by several federal agencies and industries such as Holcim, Dow and Owens Corning, and by the American Beverage Association.


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