New book for Bhavik Bakshi


We are pleased to announce a new book co-edited by Dr. Bhavik Bakshi, Research Director of the Center for Resilience. He is a recognized international expert on process systems engineering and sustainability science, and is the creator of Eco-LCA, an advanced software tool for ecologically-based life cycle assessment.

Thermodynamics and the Destruction of Resources
Cambridge University Press (2011)

Bhavik R. Bakshi, The Ohio State University
Timothy G. Gutowski, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dusan P. Sekulic, University of Kentucky

This book applies fundamental thermodynamics to problems of sustainability, energy, and resource use, and shows that some of the proposed sustainable solutions can be more destructive than the original problem. Both rigorous and readable, the book will be useful to a variety of educational and professional audiences interested in green engineering, industrial ecology, and sustainable manufacturing. The contributors are leading international figures from many disciplines, including engineers, ecologists, economists, physicists, chemists, and policy experts.

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