L S Fan Facility for Clean Energy Research

L.-S. Fan Facility for Clean Energy Research

Particle science and technology

Clean energy and environmental systems

Electrical capacitance volume tomography 

Fluidization/multiphase reaction engineering

Welcome to the Clean Energy Research Laboratory

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Scale-Up image: Particle-Technology Based Chemical Looping

fan chemical looping co2 reforming

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News from the Fan Lab
Fan selected for statewide technology commercialization award
Rush Joshi wins Ohio State Presidential Fellowship
Alumnus Bing Du wins PSRI Fluidization Lectureship Award
Grad students win top awards at 2023 AIChE Annual Conference
Tata Steel licenses Ohio State's revolutionary Redox energy recovery system
Commitment to service, research earns Sonu Kumar a Ray Travel Award
DOE funds Ohio State, Babcock & Wilcox clean hydrogen R&D
Alumna Ah-Hyung "Alissa" Park named dean of UCLA Samueli School of Engineering

External Press

Energy News Network
Chemical looping method allows researchers to “burn” fossil fuels without emitting carbon dioxide
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Chemical looping technology that converts fossil fuels and biomass to syngas while consuming CO2
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Could clean coal actually become a reality?
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Cleaner Coal = Cleaner Environment
An introductory Interview of our work, covered by Inside Science TV.
Fan Alabama pilot plant
DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory announces Ohio State syngas chemical looping pilot
Location: National Carbon Capture Center in Wilsonville, AL
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Fox News covers Fan's coal direct chemical looping project
Coal: the cleanest energy source there is?
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LiveBetterMagazine.com details Fan's syngas chemical looping and carbon capture
by Elena Chung, Ohio State PhD '19
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MIT Technology Review features Fan's coal-direct chemical looping
A cleaner way to use coal
February 21, 2013
Science reporter Ben Gelber reviews Fan's successful research-scale testing of the technology
February 6, 2013