Jeff Chalmers Laboratory for Cell Analysis and Separation

Jeff Chalmers Laboratory for Cell Analysis and Separation

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Mankind is currently experiencing a revolution in our understanding of biological processes, from those occurring in “simple” bacteria to those occurring in human beings. Like other scientific revolutions of the past, rapid scientific advances lead to rapid development of engineering disciplines to assist in the understanding and application of this new knowledge. We are seeing this take place today in the development of the discipline of “bioengineering.”

My research is in the area of bioengineering. I have current interest/ projects in the broad areas of cell analysis/characterization/detection, cell separation, and cell culture, ranging from the study of human stem and cancer cells to industrially relevant cells. I also have interest in the emerging area of functional genomics, especially as it is related to cell culture, cell separation, and cancer cells.

VIDEO AT LEFT: confocal, microscopic images are shown of an actual circulating tumor cell isolated from the blood of a head and neck cancer patient. The nucleus is blue, and the green color is staining internal proteins consistent with a cancer cell.

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