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All students must complete an application to graduate from the College of Engineering  The application is due two semesters prior to the intended semester of graduation:

Expected Graduation Application Deadline
Spring semester 2017 Second Friday of Autumn 2016
Summer semester 2017 Second Friday of Autumn 2016
Autumn semester 2017

Second Friday of Spring 2017


Spring semester 2018 Second Friday of Autumn 2017

Submitting an application on or before the application deadlines allows the undergraduate advisor to determine whether the requirements for graduation have been completed and can make adjustments to projected course schedules if needed.  Submitting an application on-time also provides priority course scheduling as a graduating senior. 

Once the application and course plan have been approved by the undergraduate advisor, it is the responsibility of the student to notify the advisor if any changes have been made to the approved plan. 

CBE graduation application