How to Edit Your Directory Profile

How to Edit Your Directory Profile

Your Directory Profile is housed on the COE website's COE People Directory, and is fed to /mirrored on our CBE People Directory.

Your Directory Profile can serve as a mini-webpage that features your education, expertise, research foci, or anything you want. 

Available features include: buttons that link to other documents (such as a CV), pages and/or websites; pictures; tables; video; audio; and a name pronouncer widget.

Note: Only you can edit your own directory profile or else you would be giving another person you OSU login information, creating a security risk for both you and the University.

To access your Directory Profile, and enter your Ohio State name.# (more directions below).

Also, information such as your title, name, or address are automatically populated by Workday and the Ohio State HR system based on your "working title" of your primary HR record. Thus, they cannot be permanently changed on your Directory Profile. If you manually change it within your Directory Profile, it will be overridden the next time COE does a data refresh, because the data will be pulled from Workday.

So to permanently update your title, name, or address, please check or contact Human Resources at or 614-292-1050. Patti can also change this in workday.



1. Go to the COE People Directory

2. Search for your last name or full name and then log in at the TOP RIGHT corner (in the black area under "Search Ohio State" above it).

3. After logging in, click on the far TOP LEFT corner where it says "My Profile."

4. Click the blue button that says "Edit Profile."

5. Make whatever changes you wish.

6. At the bottom, click the blue SAVE button.


Click above on 'How to Edit Your Directory Profile" for a more detailed guide.