Faculty Research/Group Webpage Editing on the CBE Website

Faculty webpages on the CBE website use Drupal as a platform. The structure is not just a single content area on one page that can be edited all at once– most pages on the CBE website are comprised of different sections that combine to create a master Layout. The master layout is subsequently edited in Layout Mode.

This concept is not intuitive and is unfamiliar to most people at first but is not hard to get the hang of, once you understand that the entire page layout is comprised of the following:

  1. Sections – Literally, a defined area of a page that is edited individually. Each section has it's own type of content block.
  2. Content Blocks - Within each Section one can select different types of Content Blocks, such as Accordians, Text boxes, etc. All actual content is changed or updated within these blocks using Layout Mode.

How to Edit a Faculty / Research Group Web Page (PDF)


Here is a mini-list of key things to remember when editing your page:

1. Log in at the bottom right of your page.

2. Click the blue LAYOUT button.

3. Scroll down to the section you want to edit and hover over the right corner of the section until you see a little icon of a pencil.

4. Click on the pencil and edit your block.

5. Click ADD, UPDATE, and/or SAVE as needed within the block. If you are adding an item, there is usually an ADD button. Below the content you added, there is either a SAVE or UPDATE BLOCK button.

6. After saving your block, you must then save the entire Layout. Go to the TOP LEFT of your page and click on the blue SAVE LAYOUT button.

7. Add content in portions. The system will crash if you try to upload too much at once without saving in between.

8. When uploading pictures or graphics, first name them all with your group name (eg: "Getman Programmable 1," Getman Programmable 2," or some other unique name, but be sure to include the Group name in the title. Sometimes links get broken and it is important to have the group name in the image title so it can be found later to put back in the right place. After uploading all your photos/graphics, then go back to the website and add them in by clicking on the little media button in the toolbar (icon of an image with music notes).


That's it.

Click on 'How to Edit a Web Page" above for a more complete guide.


Other Website Training Resources

Note that within the website itself, there is a Help link. Other resources:


Other Resources:

Getting Started with Layout Builder

Codes for Custom Features (how to change background colors, the color of accordians, etc.)

A Drupal 8 Carmen Course is available for all page editors. Just navigate to carmen.osu.edu and log into the Drupal 8 Training(ETS).  This is an asynchronous course and you can review the videos as many times as you like. You need to open and then click next to get the subsequent modules as they are articulated.

Ohio State Teaching/Learning Resource Center

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