COE Faculty/Staff Resources and Intranet

College of Engineering resources

Visit the College of Engineering website for lots of good resources.

At the top right where it says For Faculty/Staff you can find information for:

  • Business Operations
  • Communication Resources (Logos, Print/Digital Templates, Email Templates/Requests, Merchandise/Apparel guidelines)
  • Engineering Staff Advisory Committee
  • Racial and Social Justice Community of Practice
  • Engineering Technology Resources (ETS)
  • Event Resources
  • Faculty Development
  • Facilities and Safety
  • Intranet


The COE Intranet (log in under For Faculty/Staff tab) replicates some of that content, and includes:


Button across the top:

  • Ohio State brand/logo guidelines
  • Faculty Awards
  • Qualtrics Survey Tool
  • Event Resources
  • ETS Helpdesk


Popular Links

  • Event Volunteer Request
  • Cost Sharing
  • Outcomes Committee
  • ESAC Member/Contact List
  • IT Security Policies
  • Faculty/Staff Awards


  • Human Resources

    • Hire Policy
    • Salary Administration
    • Immigration


  • Business Operations Center

    • Fiscal Resources
    • Human Resources


  • Communication Resources

    • College Mailing Lists and Mass Mass Email Requests


  • Engineering Technology Services

    • Teaching, Learning and Employee Resources
    • Research Resources


  • Event Resources

    • Internal Engineering Event Calendar
    • Add an Event
    • Join the Engineering Event Network
    • Ecouncil Event Volunteer request form