Megan Allyn Picture

Megan Allyn

I am a 4th year graduate student studying biomimetic polymer devices for therapeutic protein delivery in co-advisement with Dr. Andre Palmer and Dr. Katelyn Swindle-Reilly. I plan to take my expertise into the biopharmaceutical industry after completion of my degree. In addition to CEGC, I am also involved with other organizations including ocular engineering journal club and REACH. In my spare time, I like to be outside in the sunshine, hanging out with friends and my dogs, and just having a fun time.

Leah Ford Picture

Leah Ford
Recruitment Officer

I am a 3rd year PhD student in Dr. Brunelli’s group. My research involves the design of zeolites as heterogeneous catalysts for chemical reactions that are crucial for fine chemical production and biomass upgrading. I received my bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of South Carolina in 2020. Outside of research, my interests include Cincinnati sports, running and triathlons, and reading.

Alisyn Greenfield Picture

Alisyn Greenfield

Mental Health Officer

I am a 3rd year PhD student in Dr. Palmer’s research lab. My research is focused on the development and synthesis of hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers to be used in transfusion medicine and organ perfusion. I received my bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry from Calvin University in Grand Rapids, MI. In my free time I love to read (favorite genres: mythology, psychological thrillers, and historical fiction) and currently dance with a few studios off-campus.

Paul Lee Picture

Paul Lee


I’m a 3rd year PhD student in Dr. Winter’s lab and I am interested in biomedical research. I like to be active and play tennis and volleyball. As a member of CEGC I hope to do what I can do make grad students’ lives better.

Sophia Mayone Picture

Sophia Mayone
Social Chair

Sophia is a second year PhD student in Dr. David Wood's group focused on downstream processing of proteins. Her current project involves the expression, purification and polymerization of recombinant hemoglobin using split intein splicing technology in collaboration with Dr. Palmer's group. In her free time, Sophia enjoys rock climbing and linoblock printmaking. 

Hannah Pineault Picture

Hannah Pineault
Vice President

I'm a second year PhD student in Dr. Brunelli's lab. Our research focuses on the design of heterogeneous catalysts. Currently I'm working on tuning mesoporous aminosilica materials for reactions related to biomass upgrading and creating specialty products. I'm originally from West Virginia but I've been in Ohio for 6 years now for undergraduate and graduate school. Some of my favorite hobbies include reading sci-fi and fantasy books, hiking, and spending time with my dog Remi. I'm excited to be a part of CEGC and foster engagement within our wonderful department!