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CBEC Facilities


LabThe new Koffolt Laboratories - which opened in Winter 2015 thanks to alumnus William G. Lowrie and hundreds of loyal alumni - offers 225,000 square feet of spacious, state-of-the art laboratories.

The facility fuels Ohio's economy through partnerships with industry, boosts Ohio State's profile as a leader in 21st-century research, and attracts top-notch faculty and students, who enjoy the modern equipment, quiet work environment and loads of natural light, is located in the Academic Core North - the heart of the science and engineering neighborhood.

These facilities do not simply replace the ones in Old Koffolt. They provide a substantial upgrade and expansion to better enable a strong focus on interdisciplinary research and the creation of a community of scientists, engineers, postdoctoral fellows, undergrad and graduate students, and technical staff working collaboratively in the areas of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE) and Chemistry.


team workThe design of the building facilitates communication between various groups of researchers, faculty and students, with shared laboratory neighborhoods, a common event space in the lobby, and multiple meeting rooms. The building features flexible laboratory space, a number of special student lounge areas, and a wide array of equipment.  It was built with the sustainable design practices of Labs 21 and is LEED Silver certified.

Undergrads enjoy hands-on learning in our huge Unit Operations laboratory, as well as configurable classrooms, day lockers, group workstations and a student lounge on the 6th floor with a great view of downtown.

View a fact sheet about CBEC for more information.


CBEC Lobby:


Lecture Hall:

Lunch Room: (There are lunch rooms on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th floor!)

6th Floor Student Lounge North:

6th Floor Student Lounge South: