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Admission to the University

Prospective students wishing to major in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering must first apply to and be accepted by the University.  Admission to The Ohio State University is selective.  Applicants undergo a holistic review considering standardized test scores, high school (or previous institution) performance, and written essays.  This review and the admission decision are handled centrally in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and First Year Experience.   For more information and to complete an admissions application, please visit

Once you have been accepted to the University, you will be required to attend an orientation session ( where you will meet with a ChBE advisor to discuss the program and also create a course schedule for your first term of enrollment. 

Applying to the CBE major (Autumn 2019 and Spring 2020)

Admission to major in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering is by application only and is in accordance with the College of Engineering enrollment management plan approved by the University Council on Academic Affairs. To review the necessary information contained in the application prior to completing it, please review this help guide.


1.You must have at least a Cumulative Point Hour Ratio (CPHR) (i.e. overall GPA) of 2.0 and: 

2. A 3.3 Eligibility Point Hour Ratio (EPHR) (i.e. “special” GPA) is required to guarantee admission, however, admission during autumn semester is more competitive, therefore, those students who are admitted will likely have an EPHR greater than 3.3.  If you have a 3.3 EPHR after autumn semester though, you will be guaranteed admission in spring semester.  

Your EPHR is the grade point average of the following specific courses listed below.  You must have completed, or be in progress of completing, the following set of courses at the time of application.

  • Math 1151 and 1172 or equivalents
  • Chemistry 1210 and 1220
  • Eng 1181.xx and 1182.xx or equivalents

3. You must complete a University survey course (i.e. Engineering 1110.04 and 1120.04, 1110.15, 100.03, etc).

If you are a transfer student, your EPHR will be based only on the EPHR courses taken at OSU. Transfer students must  have also earned a 3.0 CPHR or higher at OSU to be considered for autumn admission if all EPHR courses were not completed at OSU.  

If any of the courses above are repeated, the highest grade will be used to calculate your EPHR.  



For Admission to the Major Starting

Submit Application by 4PM on:

Autumn Semester

3rd Friday of previous Spring semester

Spring semester

3rd Friday of previous Autumn semester


CBE Major Application