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Travel information for invited speakers and guests

The following information is general travel information for seminar speakers, faculty candidates and prospective graduate students who have been invited to visit the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Please contact Angela Bennett ( with any questions regarding this information.

If you will be giving a seminar, it is highly recommended that you bring your presentation on a USB flash drive.


Step 1: Before you travel

Please notify Angela Bennett of your travel dates and city of origin. It may be possible for OSU to pre-pay your airfare. Otherwise, we will reimburse you for this expense after your trip. Hotel arrangements in Columbus will be made for you and the room charges will be billed directly to the department.

Step 2: After you travel

Within 30 days of travel, submit both forms:

  • Form 1: Documentation of Travel Expenses (PDF)
    • Use this form to organize expenses and detail amounts to be reimbursed. Original hard-copy receipts for any amount over $50 to be reimbursed must accompany the post-trip paperwork.
  • Form 2: Vendor Set-Up/W9 Form (PDF)
    • This form is for non-OSU employees which includes guests. Note: traveler must sign form and include SSN. Please print and mail it to the department address below.

Following receipt of these items, the forms and receipts will be reviewed and, if all needed items are provided, the reimbursement request will be forwarded to the College of Engineering Business Center. A staff memeber from that office will contact the traveler by email to confirm the allowed reimbursement amount. Once confirmation is received by the Business Center reimbursement will be mailed to the guest. The approximate time frame for this process following receipt of all needed items is two to four weeks.

Travel tips

Helpful guidelines to speed the pre-travel and reimbursement process.

  • Itemized receipts may be required, so it is important to keep all receipts during travel.
  • Submit original, legible receipts for amounts over $50.
  • Receipts must indicate method of payment, such as "Visa XXXX 1234" and the amount paid.
  • Car rentals are not common. Please contact Angela Bennett before making arrangments. Travel to and from the Columbus airport to campus is easy via taxi, Uber and airport shuttles.
  • Personal Vehicle: we do not reimburse mileage for visits unless previously approved. For visitors driving to Columbus from another state, this must be less expensive than a flight to Columbus. We use the federal driving mileage rate to calcuate this.
  • Meals: For meals not provided by the department, we will use the allowable daily per diem rate.

Questions? Please contact Angela Bennett at

Mailing Address:

Angela Bennett
310 Koffolt Laboratories
151 W. Woodruff Ave
Columbus, OH 43210

International guests must supply copies of visa information: