Koffolt Statue

On November 10, 2005, a dedication ceremony was held to unveil the memorial statue of Joseph H. Koffolt. The Master of Ceremonies was Stuart Cooper, Chairman. Speakers included Barbara Snyder, Provost; Bud Baeslack, Dean, College of Engineering; Robert Bates, Class of 1953; Marty Shuter, Sculptor; Robert Brodkey, Faculty Emeritus; and Tom Koffolt, son of Joe Koffolt.

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Koffolt Statue

To see a list of those who attended the Koffolt Statue Unveiling and Lunch, please click here.

To see the Koffolt Statue Unveiling, please click here.

Alumni who contributed to the statue fund:
Robert A. Bates
Clyde Bazell
John Bishop
Roger L. Briggs
David E. Buskirk
Louis O. Elsaesser
Donald Finlay
Robert T. Hweitt
George E. Koch
Paul R. Kumler
Wilfred C. Ling
Don MacDougall
John Mahoney
William H. Potter
Ernest Reinmuller
Manoj Kumar Sanghavi
Harold L. Stelzer Jr.
Michael A. Tallarico
James Lloyd Wilson
Robert A. Wiseman
William H. Wiseman