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#26 in US NEWS & WORLD REPORT (2017)

ENROLLMENT (as of Fall 2015)



Photos (available students) 


PhDs Granted: 15 (Avg of .7 per faculty)

  • Aravind Asthagiri:  Wenjia Luo, Li Pan, Simuck Yuk.
  • Bhavik Bakshi:  Rebecca Hanes.
  • Jeffrey Chalmers:  Clayton Deighan.
  • Liang-Shih Fan:  Samuel Bayham, Niranjani Deshpande, Aining Wang. 
  • Martin Feinberg:  Daniel Knight.    
  • Winston Ho:  Yuanxin Chen.  
  • Umit Ozkan:  Anshuman Fuller.
  • David Wood:  Michael Coolbaugh, Elif Miskioglu.
  • Jessica Winter:  Qirui Fan. 
  • Barbara Wyslouzil:  Viraj Modak. 

PhD Dissertations:

  1. Samuel Bayham, Dissertation: “Iron-Based Coal Direct Chemical Looping Process for Power Generation: Experimental Aspects, Process Development, and Considerations for Commercial Scale” (Advisor: Liang-Shih Fan)
  2. Yuanxin Chen, Dissertation: “Polymer Membranes for Flue Gas Carbon Capture and Fuel Cell Application” (Advisor: Winston Ho)
  3. Michael Coolbaugh, Dissertation: “Recent Advances in Self-Cleaving Intein Tag Technology” (Advisor: David Wood)
  4. Clayton Deighan, Dissertation: “Particle Balances in Extracellular Vesicle Separations and Characterization of Fluorescent Nanoparticle” (Advisor: Jeffrey Chalmers)
  5. Niranjani Deshpande, Dissertation: “Calcium and Iron Oxide Reactivity Studies for Chemical Looping Applications of Clean Energy” (Advisor: Liang-Shih Fan)
  6. Qirui Fan, Dissertation: “Designing Photo-switchable Quantum Dots for Super Resolution Imaging” (Advisor: Jessica Winter)
  7. Anshuman Fuller, Dissertation: “Novel Perovskite-based electro-catalysts for Oxidative Dehydrogenation (ODH) of Ethane in an Electrochemical Membrane Reactor” (Advisor: Umit Ozkan)
  8. Rebecca Hanes, Dissertation: “Multidisciplinary modeling for sustainable engineering design and assessment” (Advisor: Bhavik Bakshi)
  9. Daniel Knight, Dissertation: “Reactor behavior and its relation to chemical reaction network structure” (Advisor: Martin Feinberg)
  10. Wenjia Luo, Dissertation: “First-Principles Study of Ethanol and Methanol Steam Reforming on Co-based Materials” (Advisor: Aravind Asthagiri)
  11. Viraj Modak, Dissertation: “Surface Freezing in n-alkanes: Experimental and Molecular Dynamics Studies” (Advisor: Barbara Wyslouzil)
  12. Elif Miskioglu, Dissertation: “Learning in Style: Investigation of Factors Impacting Student Success in Chemical Engineering at Individual and Team-Levels with a Focus on Student Learning Styles” (Advisor: David Wood)
  13. Li Pan, Dissertation: “First-Principles Studies of the Reactivity of Transition Metal Oxide Surfaces” (Advisor: Aravind Asthagiri)
  14. Aining Wang, Dissertation: “Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography and its Applications in Multiphase Flow” (Advisor: Liang-Shih Fan)
  15. Simuck Yuk, Dissertation: “Enantiospecificity of Chiral Pt Nanostructures Grown on Chiral SrTiO3 Surfaces” (Advisor: Aravind Asthagiri)

Master of Science Degrees Granted: 6

  • Bhavik Bakshi:  Xiang Zhang.
  • Liang-Shih Fan:  Omar McGiveron.
  • Martin Feinberg:  Daniel Knight.
  • Jessica Winter and Barbara Wyslouzil:  Matthew Souva.
  • Jacques Zakin:  Prathamesh Karandikar, Andrew Maxson.



  1. NSF Graduate Research Fellowship:  Angela Chen, William Levi MurchStory

  2. NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mention: Robert Warburton.

  3. AIChE and DSM Science & Technology Award finalist - Yuanxin Chen.

  4. ISIE Conference 2015, Travel Scholarship and Presentation, University of Surrey, UK, Varsha Gopalakrishnan. Rebecca Hanes also gave a presentation at this conference.

  5. North American Catalysis Society 2015 Kokes Award and Presentation, 24th annual meeting - Anshuman Fuller, Sreshtha Sinha Majumdar.
  6. North American Membrane Society (NAMS) 2015 Elias Klein Founders’ Travel Supplement Award - Varun Vakharia. 
  7. North American Membrane Society (NAMS) Third Place Poster Award - Membrane Processes Category, Poster Paper Competition - Varun Vaharia. The poster, entitled “Water Vapor and CO2 Permeation through Amine-Containing Facilitated Transport Membranes and Their Modeling for Post-Combustion Carbon Capture,” was co-authored by Zi Tong and Winston Ho
  8. AIChE's Sustainable Engineering Forum, Best Paper - Shweta Singh.
  9. American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR), First Prize, Poster Competition, 34th Conference - Yensil Park.


  1. Council of Graduate Students seat election:  Jeffrey Ethier. Story
  2. 2015 University Fellowships:  Saurabh Ailawar, Fanhe King, and Mingyuan Xu. 



  1. Chase Beisel - North Carolina State University
  2. Lydia Contreras - University of Texas at Austin
  3. Liming Dai - Case Western Reserve University
  4. Prodromos Daoutidis - University of Minnesota
  5. Baolin Deng - University of Missouri-Columbia
  6. Thomas Edgar - University of Texas at Austin
  7. Sheryl Ehrman - University of Maryland
  8. Sharon Glotzer - University of Michigan
  9. Graduate Research Initiative Seminar: Gauri Nabar, Witopo Salim, Mandar Kathe
  10. Enrique Iglesia (Lowrie Lectures I and II) - University of California at Berkeley
  11. Li-Chiang Lin - Delft University of Technology
  12. Janet Macdonald - Vanderbilt University
  13. David Scholl - Georgia Institute of Technology
  14. Carlos Silvera Batista - University of Michigan
  15. Katelyn E. Swindle-Riley - University of Texas at San Antonio
  16. Gregory Szeto - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  17. Ishi Talmon - Israel Institute of Technology
  18. Jason Weaver - University of Florida
  19. Jennifer Wilcox - Stanford University
  20. Karen Winey - University of Pennsylvania
  21. Yushan Yan - University of Delaware
  22. Nicole Zacharia - University of Akron 
  23. Enrique Iglesia (Lowrie Lectureship) - University of California at Berkeley


     Michael Triplett, CEO, Lattice BioTEchMichael Triplett, CEO, Lattice BioTEchThe 4th Annual Graduate Research Symposium took place Monday, September 21 at The Blackwell Inn. Dr. Michael Triplett, CEO of Lattice Biotech, gave a keynote address. 
     Triplett, who holds BS ('97) and PhD ('04) degrees in chemical engineering from The Ohio State University, discussed his foray into startups and described the potential for the Midwest to be a biotech startup hub,just like the West Coast. 
     Lattice Biotech is an early-stage biopharmaceutical company commercializing novel anti-infective therapeutics based on technology invented at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH. Triplett is responsible for corporate strategy, operational execution, and generating a positive return for Lattice’s shareholders.
     Guests were informed by graduate student oral presentations and poster sessions and a reception in the CBEC lobby hosted by College of Engineering Dean David Williams capped off the event.
     Industry attendees included individuals from AEP, Clariant, Dow Chemical, Dow Corning, BioOhio, ExxonMobil, Lattice Biotech, Momentive, Parker Hannifin, Procter & Gamble, Shell, StrateNexus Technologies and Wanhua Corporation. 
     The 2015 Graduate Research Symposium Handbook is available here.

A student discusses her research with Professor Nicholas BrunelliA student discusses her research with Professor Nicholas Brunelli