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Lisa Hall

HC Slip Slider ProfessorshipChemical & Biomolecular Eng

221B Koffolt Laboratories
140 W Nineteenth Ave
Columbus, OH 43210




  • H.C. "Slip" Slider Professorship, The Ohio State University


  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mention, National Science Foundation


  • SURGE (Support for Underrepresented Groups in Engineering) Fellowship, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Journal Articles


  • Hall,Lisa,M; Stevens,Mark,J; Frischknecht,Amalie,L, "Dynamics of Model lonomer Melts of Various Architectures." MACROMOLECULES 45 19 8097-8108
  • Hall,Lisa,M; Seitz,Michelle,E; Winey,Karen,I; Opper,Kathleen,L; Wagener,Kenneth,B; Stevens,Mark,J; Frischknecht,Amalie,L, "Ionic Aggregate Structure in Ionomer Melts: Effect of Molecular Architecture on Aggregates and the Ionomer Peak." JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 134 1 574-587


  • Hall,Lisa,M; Stevens,Mark,J; Frischknecht,Amalie,L, "Effect of Polymer Architecture and Ionic Aggregation on the Scattering Peak in Model Ionomers." PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 106 12
  • Hall,Lisa,M; Schweizer,Kenneth,S, "Impact of Monomer Sequence, Composition and Chemical Heterogeneity on Copolymer-Mediated Effective Interactions between Nanoparticles in Melts." MACROMOLECULES 44 8 3149-3160


  • Hall,Lisa,M; Schweizer,Kenneth,S, "Structure, scattering patterns and phase behavior of polymer nanocomposites with nonspherical fillers." SOFT MATTER 6 5 1015-1025
  • Hall,Lisa,M; Jayaraman,Arthi; Schweizer,Kenneth,S, "Molecular theories of polymer nanocomposites." CURRENT OPINION IN SOLID STATE & MATERIALS SCIENCE 14 2 38-48
  • Kim,So,Youn; Hall,Lisa,M; Schweizer,Kenneth,S; Zukoski,Charles,F, "Long Wavelength Concentration Fluctuations and Cage Scale Ordering of Nanoparticles in Concentrated Polymer Solutions." MACROMOLECULES 43 23 10123-10131


  • Hall,Lisa,M; Anderson,Benjamin,J; Zukoski,Charles,F; Schweizer,Kenneth,S, "Concentration Fluctuations, Local Order, and the Collective Structure of Polymer Nanocomposites." MACROMOLECULES 42 21 8435-8442


  • Hall,Lisa,M; Schweizer,Kenneth,S, "Many body effects on the phase separation and structure of dense polymer-particle melts." JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 128 23


  • Sen,Sudeepto; Xie,Yuping; Kumar,Sanat,K; Yang,Hoichang; Bansal,Amitabh; Ho,Derek,L; Hall,Lisa; Hooper,Justin,B; Schweizer,Kenneth,S, "Chain conformations and bound-layer correlations in polymer nanocomposites." PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 98 12


  • Jain,A; Toombes,G,ES; Hall,L,M; Mahajan,S; Garcia,C,BW; Probst,W; Gruner,S,M; Wiesner,U, "Direct access to bicontinuous skeletal inorganic plumber's nightmare networks from block copolymers." ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 44 8 1226-1229
  • Jain,A; Hall,L,M; Garcia,C,BW; Gruner,S,M; WIESNER,U, "Flow-induced alignment of block copolymer-sol nanoparticle coassemblies toward oriented bulk polymer-silica hybrids." MACROMOLECULES 38 24 10095-10100
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