William G. Lowrie Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

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Matt Souva
Social Officer

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Prasant Vijayaraghavan
Academic Officer

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Katja Binkley
Recruitment Officer

Katja Binkley is the CEGC Recruitment Officer. She is originally from Fairbanks, Alaska and has a B.S. in chemical engineering from Purdue University. She is a second-year PhD student in Dr. Ozkan's Lab here at The Ohio State University. Her research is in the general area of heterogeneous catalysis, and specifically concentrated on oxidative dehydrogenation of alkanes to form high-value olefins.

Varsha Gopalakrishnan
Facilities Officer

Varsha Gopalakrishnan is the CEGC Facilities Officer. She is from Chennai, India and she graduated from Anna University, Chennai with a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering. She is a second year PhD student working under Dr.Bhavik Bakshi in the Process Systems Engineering Group. Her research interests are in the field of Sustainable Process Design and Industrial Ecology. She is working on developing the concept of designing Techno-Eco Networks for Industrial systems.  She is also an active member of the Columbus Ultimate Disc Association. 

Andy Maxson
Business Officer

Andy is a second year PhD student. He attended Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and worked in the automotive and appliance manufacturing industries for 5 years. Andy has lived in Columbus for 7 years with his wife Stephanie. His research in Dr. Zakin's group is related to turbulent drag reduction and heat transfer enhancement.